Burglar's Adventure

Burglar's Adventure 1.0

A free arcade game that combines elements of puzzles and mazes
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This is an arcade game which combines elements of puzzles and mazes. It puts you in the role of a burglar whose aim is to find a safe hidden somewhere in a building; it is your task to help the burglar explore the building and find four keys that will eventually lead to the safe. So the challenge is to go all around the place, go upstairs, take elevators, while also collecting coins and money to score points. There are only five minutes to find the four keys, so you need to move fast and have a good memory to recall certain spots in the building so as to avoid getting trapped in labyrinths. Most importantly, you will need a bit of luck to not come across angry, armed neighbors who will not hesitate to shoot you at sight.

The character is controlled with the arrow keys, and Ctrl or the space bar is used to enter rooms and collect bonuses. Nevertheless, the game is let down by the controls: it is really difficult to make the character move and do what you want, thus it may turn out a bit frustrating. Also, the graphics do not help much; although they do look nice at some extent, the truth is that they are too basic. To sum up, it is a game with an interesting concept that looks quite promising at first, but becomes frustrating in practice.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Free


  • Poor graphics
  • Controls are not as accurate as one would expect
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